Monday, February 9, 2009

Kwesi Brew

Kwesi Brew is one of the greatest poets from Ghana and the world at large.
He was born into a Fante family, one of the local tribes in central Ghana.
He grew up as an orphan who was adopted by a British guardian, ‘KJ Dickens’ who became like his surrogate father. KJ Dickens’ developed his mind into reading and writing and at an early age, his talent in poetry was developing fast.

When he was in school, his interest for literature increased he participated in literary activities including poetry, drama and prose.
Shortly after he graduated, his poems started seeing spotlight. He became the winner of The British council poetry competition in Accra, Ghana.
Also his poems appeared in several journals including a journal, ‘Okyeame’,
and some other paramount African anthologies.

He developed played an important role in the history of Ghana and also in the development of poetry in Ghana and in Africa as a whole. His poem has inspired a lot of young Africans into writing.
His poems reflect on the African society, and through his poems, he has tried to correct some of the societal ills faced in the African sect
In 1968, he published his first collection of poems ‘Shadows of Laughter’ and in 1995, he published another collection ‘No Return’ amongst other books were his poems was published.
After his graduation, he was recruited into the administrative service that was set to take over from the British after independence. He also became an assistant district commissioner and then district commissioner. He also won for himself various local and international award.

This man is a pride to the people of the Gold coast.

Unfortunately, Kwesi Brew died in 1998 at the age of 76. His poems are still read today and studied by African students. His contribution to Africa poetry was priceless, may his humble soul rest in peace.
Amongst his numerous poems in one titled ‘mesh’ a love poem


We have come to the cross –roads
And I must either leave or come with you
I lingered over the choice
But in the darkness of my doubt you lifted the lamp of love
And I saw your face
The road I should take

By; Kwesi Brew
Compiled by Egoh Salem
The poetry Africa(R)

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